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Ederra Beauty Concepts is dedicated to providing holistic treatment solutions that promote a healthy lifestyle. The health and wellness industry is a multimillion-dollar and growing industry, however the real drive for Ederra has been to provide effective programs that deliver real solutions with tangible and lasting results.

Ederra Complete

Ederra Complete is a comprehensive, multi-modality program that includes all the steps required to effectively lose inches, and keep them off. In addition, by taking patients through the Ederra Complete program, they are ultimately made aware of the various components to inch-loss and educated as to their role in being accountable to maintaining their results.



24 hr. Fat Free Diet



Lymphatic Stimulation

Customized Diet Plan




After university I started noticing a slow weight gain. Never worried about weight issues, I ignored it. That is, until my 5’4” frame reached 175 lbs. I started going to the gym, walking more and buying new clothes. Nothing worked. I talked with someone at my med spa and she pointed out my cellulite. ‘Yeah, right,’ I thought. ‘That’s rock-hard muscle.’ Then she explained cellulite and how it forms. I started the treatments that week, and in ten treatments lost 9 inches and four pounds. I work out twice a week and keep the same basic lifestyle I had before. This is no health enthusiast talking! Thanks to DermaShape™, I fit into my old clothes!

Ann, 32

I am a fit, 45-year-old mother of three who exercises daily and watches her diet, yet I always had cellulite. I was referred by a friend for this program and went reluctantly. After only 10 sessions I had lost a total of 13.5 inches off my legs and buttocks. I would never have believed it if I had not done it myself; it is remarkable. Even my physical therapist noticed the difference in my legs and started the treatments herself. I feel wonderful and will continue.

Kim, 45

Like thousands of women, I had resigned myself to a life with cellulite. Through trial and error, I discovered that all the magic potions and creams did nothing except reduce my bank account with NO permanent results. I then had the good fortune to be introduced to the Ederra Complete Program. Through an effective combination of the Ederra Complete program, I achieved what I never believed was possible; the "cottage cheese" on my thighs was actually disappearing. For the first time in years, I felt good in shorts and a bathing suit. (My husband was even more thrilled with the results than me.) The support I received through this process was invaluable, and while there was clearly a commitment required from me, the treatments provided were the true key to my success.

Barb, 51

After receiving the initial series of treatments, it is quite obvious to me that these treatments produce measurable results. My technician is knowledgeable, honest and supportive in her professional delivery of such effective therapeutic services.

Jane, 36