Can Ederra Complete work with other technologies and programs?

Absolutely. Ederra Complete was specifically designed to be able to compliment other treatment technologies or programs. Our experts at Ederra Beauty Concepts work with each client individually to identify the optimal treatment protocol based on their existing systems.

What results can I expect from the Ederra Complete Program?

The following is a clinical study of 50 clients who have each had 10 Ederra Complete treatments*:


What instruction is included with my purchase?

Every Ederra Complete purchase includes a 2 day on-site training program. During this on-location training, an Ederra Beauty Concept trainer will cover the overall Ederra Complete program, literature and training manual, education on the lymphatic system and a hands-on application workshop.

How quickly can I generate profit from Ederra Complete?

Ederra Complete offers impressive results at a fraction of the price of competing products. In fact, Ederra Complete offers the unique ability to generate profit from the very first 10-treatment package!