Ederra Complete

A comprehensive program for inch-loss.

The weight management industry is constantly inundated with quick fixes for losing those unwanted inches. The unfortunate reality is that those quick fixes go as quick as they come due to two simple realities:

1. There is no SINGLE modality that can do everything
2. Patient accountability

Ederra Complete is a comprehensive, multi-modality program that includes all the steps required to effectively lose inches, and keep them off. In addition, by taking patients through the Ederra Complete program, they are ultimately made aware of the various components to inch-loss and educated as to their role in being accountable to maintaining their results.


Benefits of Ederra Complete include:

  • Enhancing Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reshaping of the Body
  • Elimination of Toxins
  • Reduction in Water Retention


An integral part of the Ederra Complete Program is ensuring that each individual receives proper supplementation to effectively support the program in order to maximize results.

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Patients have a full 45 minute Dermashape® treatment that combines vacuum suction manipulation with heat. The Dermashape®  technology provides a specialized service that uses tissue manipulation to improve the appearance of the skin.

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24 hr. Fat Free Diet

Patients are provided with nutrition guidelines to insure they intake zero fat for 24 hours post-session.


Patients are provided with appropriate physical fitness guidelines to follow (customized to each client) post-session.

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To further support the body’s natural processes, patients are educated as to the need for continued hydration. Immediately post-session, patients are recommended to drink a minimum of 2L of water.

Lymphatic Stimulation

Dry Brush: Patients are instructed to perform a dry brush in the mornings before showering. This lymphatic support technique includes applying a dry brush directly to the skin in an upward, circular motion towards heart to increase the body’s circulation.

Customized Diet Plan

Ederra Complete patients are provided various personalized diet to follow during their program. In addition, patients are educated as to their dietary needs, and the important role that diet plays in their treatment program.

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Ederra Complete offers impressive results at a fraction of competing of the price of competing products.

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